The Team

  • Fangman, Steve

  • Geer, Jeremy

  • Gordon, Adam

  • Groves, Kirk

  • Jackson, Greg

  • James, Tim

  • Jensen, Eric

  • Maule, Jon

  • Neupauer, Roseanna

  • Sims, Brad

  • Whitney, JD

Steve Fangman

Steve is a technology guy with roots in Nebraska (yes, he's a Husker) and has three boys. None of them ride...yet. Steve has been road racing for only three years, so watch out for him in a pace line. Somehow, he reached Cat 3, probably because the ACA extended points accumulation last year. Steve prefers hill climbs and road races over those crazy criteriums.

Age: 47

Categories: Road Cat. 3

Bikes: Blue Axino, Raleigh Supercourse

2010 Highlights:

  • 2nd Cat 4 45+ Bob Cook Mt. Evans Hill Climb

  • 3rd Cat 4 45+ Rist Canyon Hill Climb

2010 Lowlights:

  • Didn't race more...

Eric Jensen

My wife and I went to CU in the 1987-1994 range and we chased careers around the country. We wisely gave that up with no real plan and moved back to Colorado (yes, Georgia is that bad). I now work for myself in a consulting role. I'm working out the training plan for the year via the Jim Rutberg Time Crunched Cyclist, so we shall see how that goes.

I finally started racing in 2012 and I'm back for more fun and maybe a podium here and there. The big goal for 2013 is a strong showing in the Steamboat Springs Stage Race. Along the way, you'll see me at all the stuff local to Boulder County. I raced cyclocross in the Fall of 2012 (with a singlespeed in the geared 35/4 and it was a blast. Miserable, but a blast. I'm still racing Cat 5, but will make the upgrade by the end of the season.

2012 Results (Cat 5):

  • Boulder CX Series - not last

  • Bear Creek Lake TT Series - 3rd, 4th, 2nd, DNS

  • Tri Lakes TT - 2nd (with a broken derailleur and a FUBAR rear hub)

  • Coal Miner's Criterium - 4th

  • Haystack TT - 9th

  • Lousiville Criterium - 10th (first crit ever)

  • Frostbite TT - 15th in the miserably gusty wind

Jon Maule ("The Legendary Murdersteal")

Watch this space for Jon's bio soon.

Adam Gordon

Adam started out road riding in the mid 90's ultimately joining the CU Cycling Team while attending Graduate School at CU Boulder.  After graduating he continued to road race until he discovered the sport of triathlon while going to race in which his sister was competing.  From that moment on he was hooked.  After many years of racing, he completed his first Ironman race in 2009 but the many years of racing longer distance triathlons robbed him of his speed so in 2010, he focused on Olympic distance and shorter and wound up having the best racing season of his career.  In early 2011 he discovered he had a torn medial meniscus in both knees which would require surgery.  He had surgery on his right knee in the fall of 2011 and will have surgery on his left in early/mid 2012.  Recovery from the second surgery, as with the first, should be short and he is looking forward to returning to being able to run and race again.

His goals for the remainder of the year include recovering from surgery, starting to run again, and spouse-willing, purchasing a new mountain bike to take full advantage of the local trail systems.

Adam's favorite ride is a clockwise loop up Flagstaff to Gross Reservoir, over to Coal Creek Canyon, West to Peak-to-Peak Highway via Wondervue and Pinecliffe, North into Nederland and back to Boulder via Boulder Canyon.  The 20-mile descent back into Boulder provides for a nice recovery and relief from the brutal climbing over the first 30 miles.

Kirk Groves

I started out riding and racing in the early 90s but was away from the sport for many years. I started riding again while rehabilitating a knee surgery injury several years ago. My current racing emphasis is cyclocross but I'll be racing on the road and on the mountain bike.

My primary goal for 2013 is to upgrade to a Cat 3 in cyclocross.  

My favorite road ride is the loop up Lefthand Canyon to the Peak to Peak Highway and then down South St Vrain Canyon through Lyons. My favorite off-road ride is Walker Ranch.


  • Pedal Force CG1

  • Blue Triad SP

  • Raleigh RXC Disc

  • Blue Norcross SP

  • Giant Anthem 29er X1

2013 Results:

  • 1st - New Year's Resolution CX (C's)

  • 1st - Cult Cross (C's)

  • 2nd - CU Short Track #1 (C's)

  • 2nd - Table Mtn Crit (SM 4-5)

2012 Results:

  • 10th - State Championships (35+ 4s)

  • 9th - Louisville Rec Center "Bowl of Death" (35+ 4s)

  • 4th - Turkey Cross (C's)

  • 7th - Valmont South (35+ 4s)

  • 3rd - Big Sky Duathlon (40-45)

  • Tim James

    My primary focus is racing cyclocross. My goal the past few years has been to improve my road and mountain racing in order to become a more complete cross rider. This year I am competing in a few endurance MTB events, some of the Winter Park series, with a few road races sprinkled in to work on speed. I will likely travel to Madison in January 2013 for CX Nats again this year, and will be hoping for some hard pack snow and ice to race on, a condition I’ve found nets me the best results. Currently cat 2 MTB, cat 4 road, cat 3 CX.

    Best results are:

    • 2009 15th CX Nats 50-54 Bend, OR

    • 2010 16th CX Nats 50-54 Bend, OR

    • 2010 2nd Cat 2 MTB Nats 50-54 Sol Vista, CO

    • 2012 19th CX Nats 50-54 Madison, WI

Brad Sims ("An Ox of a Man")

Brad started riding seriously and racing while attending UC Davis. He specializes in endurance mountain biking but also races road and cyclocross.

Age: 29
Categories: Mtn-Pro, Cross-2, Road-3
Specialty: Endurance Mtn Biking
Weapons of Choice: Niner EMD, Blue Norcross
Employment: Engineer, USAC Certified Coach

2010 Highlights:

  • 1st SM3 CO Cross Cup,

  • 23rd Pro Marathon Nats,

  • 2nd Pro 19-29 RMU Series,

  • 3rd Pro 19-29 Laramie Enduro

  • 1st SM3 Praire Center Criterium

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