Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wednesday Double Header

I didn't bother tapering coming into Wednesday but Tuesdays workout did allow me to open up the legs.  Only issue is I woke up feeling every bit of effort and my TSB reflected it.  The alarm went off, the dog was let out, coffee was made, chamois cream applied - I was smart and packed all my stuff the night before, ambling to the truck in the pre dawn hours, still whipping the sleep from my eyes.

I was yet again the first one on scene at the Bowl and I swigged the last of my coffee while clicking the shoes on and ensuring my helmet was on the correct way.  Went around in a slowish circle and by start time there were 7 of us - I vaguely know the names and Jon took one look at me and asked if I was even awake yet.

We all stood around looking at each other, someone says go and we reluctantly agree.  Around some greasy chicanes and up THE hill, ouch.  I was somewhere in the pack, not last and not first and we start the first equalizer.  I get dizzy and eventually get out and back up the hill is goes.  After the marbly off camber horridness Jon is off the front and then off the bike taking some of his human growth hormones.

The next 2 laps continue and I am out front, on the back, always changing it up when the equalizers present themselves.  I don't take glory but I do get first loser and enough stinky Louis-tucky BoD mud on myself and bike to necessitate all the windows to get rolled down on the way to work.

Fast forward 9 hours and 17 minutes.......

Short track time, yeah I don't get there as early as hoped but who the heck cares, it is Wednesday night after all.  I have one gear this time and it isn't quite stout enough to measure up to the dudes that got 1st and 2nd last week.  I take a few laps to see what the CU folk have in store for us, backwards it seems and enough flat stuff to make my legs work like a jack rabbit in heat.

The single geared folk line up just in front of the fast ladies - everyone checks that there bells work and we are off.  The under geared folk (myself included) get out from quick while the more cross geared folk wind up like the Millennium Falcon going into warp drive.  And there goes Han and Chewy, I'm left in 4th closely bookend by 3rd and 5th.  We trade leads as each of us figures who as the gear to allow best climbing but sprinting out of the glades.

I can taste the kidney beans and hot sauce from a bit earlier and my eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head a la Roger Rabbit.  My number falls off and I think to stuff it down by jersey, great wind block for when it is cold, not so much when it is 86.  I get rad on the rollers and chase baby bunnies and then I finish.

Recovery meal and drinks provided by Jon and whatever her name was behind the bar at Lucky Pie.

You want data from this madness?  I rode a 1x9 hardtail in the morning and kept it dialed back so I could crush it at Valmont.  I rode my singlespeed at night with rpms somewhere in the 300 range at heart rate not too far behind.

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