Sunday, October 5, 2014

Race Report: Primalpalooza

By: Jon Maule (@jonmaule)

I wasn't expecting much today because of all the fun Greg, Dave and I had on Friday.

  Kinda tired/dead legs yesterday even after compression/e-stim Fri and Sat.  The course pre-ride confirmed that they were better but I could feel it when I stepped on the gas.

Funny things tend to happen when we're sore.  I'll go to the Bowl of Death (BOD) and tell Alison that I felt like crap/rode like crap and she'll reply that i set a new 2,5, 10 sec or 2min power mark.  Is it because we feel EVERY effort that you don't really notice that you're going harder or longer than you ordinarily would.  Who knows.

anyhow, I got a generous 4th row callup that I somehow heard over the healthy wind that had kicked up.  I guess this year the start was set up differently in that after a 1/2 mile or so of road we promptly entered a series of 180's in what is likely a dirt parking lot.  Everyone loves high-speed cornering on loose over hardpack!  It was pretty obvious that you wanted to be in front so I got a decent start settling in somewhere around 15th.  Sure enough after the first turn I could hear the carnage and expletives.

After the first lap I thought about pulling the plug because the staircase made my calf complain enough that I thought my season was over.  That went away thankfully and as we merged with the tail end of the SM55+ I lost contact with the lead group and had no idea where I was in the race.  Nothing really noteworthy happened except that some kids said I was "cool" because I'd give them high-fives on every lap.  I dig that.

Last lap I had enough to try to pick up the pace and actually passed people!  What an awesome feeling compared to hanging on for dear life.  I crushed 3 people's dreams on some short decents/climbs along a berm and then sprinted past another up the stairs.  Thankfully he had trouble clipping in and couldn't contest the sprint because that would have been the slowest sprint ever.

anyhow Kirk told me I finished 10th but have no idea how far behind the lead group.  no idea how many people raced (40? 50?)  Honestly figured I was around 15th but I'll take it.

Data/Technical stuff

Front tire - FMB Super Mud @ 27#, rear - Challenge Fango @29#

I spent most of the day in the big ring save for the one long climb up behind the rodeo stands and one or two of the short punchy climbs that came out of turns.

What's up?

On the course...  I think this might be one of the less interesting ones I've done even thought the cornering and descending definitely kept me close to the top.

I think by the end of the month I'll be sitting pretty good if I don't get hurt.  Keep stretching and rolling!!!

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