Saturday, October 11, 2014

Race Report: Cross of the North Day 2

By:  Jon Maule (@jonmaule)

Running late like usual lately.  Got in 1 slow lap and a decent spin on the trainer.  Pretty spongy soil on most of the course and pretty slow rolling but tacky until you push it too far.  Dropped pressure to 26 up front and 28 out back for both bikes.

Got a 3rd row callup - yay! sort of - sat in around 10-15 and wanted to let the other people dictate the pace.  Lots of running here so I had no idea how much I'd have.  I actually made quite a few passes on the first lap running the mud (maybe 200 yards?) without feeling too crazy.  got back on and passed a few more then popped my chain accelerating out of a corner.  F-ing awesome!  run a little more and more.  Some guy was trying to help me but I couldn't speak.  "where's your bike dude?" I said something like "amasdlfasfuusfdatftf".  He graciously took my bike, laughed and said he'd put it where I took my pit bike.  Lost god knows how many spots.

Get back on calm down and start picking people off.  Probably worked my way back up to around 20-25 by last lap but man I didn't have much left.  Still passing people on the runs and stairs - seriously?  Last 1/2 lap there are 4 people I've been slowly gaining on but unfortunately couldn't close the deal.

Dana just fixed my ridley so I'm gonna get that, clean up and get ready for tomorrow :)

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