Monday, September 15, 2014

Race Reports: Colorado CX Classic and Boulder Cup

By:  Jon Maule (@jonmaule)

Saturday @ the Rez 
I got up early to scrape the freaking ice off my windshield.  made it there ~1/2hr later than I'd wanted but whatever.  Thankfully warmed up by the start to probably mid-40's so LS skinsuit and medium embro (Mad Alchemy - looks like bronzing lotion for body builders or something) were perfect.  Was honored to be called up to the back row, moved up mostly on the semi-greasy corners (ran FMB grippo xl up front @ ~25# and FMB super mud @ ~27#).  Overkill on the rear tire but right now it's either that or the balding Fango...)  real light on the tire pressure as there weren't many places to pinch unless you rode like a spaz.

I could see the top 10-15 just a bit ahead and really tried to make a push last two laps.  Two nearly consecutive bad moves cost that as I wend down on a 180 in the sand (too slow) and a right-handed turn at the beach.  Lost a few spots, made back two and really close to two more but couldn't make it happen.  Ended up 20th out of... ~40.

Sunday @ Valmont
 - felt decent on my recon lap but of course didn't have my Garmin so it doesn't count.  I knew though that this course layout would suck (is this the new Valmont standard course?) for fatties like me and made the decision to run the steep uphill parts come race time to save me legs.  

Got in a good warmup, saw Kirk up at the odd parking arrangement (did they loose that other lot?).  Started near the back and tried to keep in front of the riff-raff but after the Jailbreak hill I started going backwards for the most part.  I had nothing and ended up 32nd out of 50 some peeps.  This course ALWAYS kicks my ass.  I wonder what the Cyclo-X layout will be like?

data stuffs

What went right
  • Save for Saturday when I was just a spaz pre-race I'm much more organized so that's cool
  • General fitness -  these races don't leave me "tired" but I don't have any explosion
  • Pre-race meals - I don't need a gallon of oatmeal and 4 eggs for a CX race
  • Post race - structured cool-down, stretching and eventually watching awesome movies (Kill Bill) wearing space legs
What went wrong
  • Too often I found myself soft pedaling with the group (more so on Saturday) as we all moved along the course in a sheep/cattle like fashion.  Kinda pissed about that
  • I need to do some fundamentals as I was fumbling around for my pedals too often.  Used to be automatic.  no longer the case
  • I have another 5-10 beats as far as HR is concerned but apparently didn't feel the need to use that gear?

AP has me "racing my way into shape" as I had an unplanned extended season.  We know that racing into shape can have mixed results.  Right now the results are sort of disappointing but thankfully we have 3 months until states.  I have a lot of friends in Austin and a lot of PTO...????

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