Monday, September 8, 2014

Race Report: Kick It CX

By:  Jon Maule (@jonmaule)

my 2 min race report:

I knew this course wouldn't suit me but wanted to get some reps for later.

first race- went out too hot but why not.  3rd at pits, 5th after the first lap.  started bleeding from my nose for some reason, wife said it looked ridiculous as my teeth were red.  must be because I was going so fast.  10th at end of 2nd lap and backed off laps 3&4.  Tried to finish strong-ish ended up 17th fairly far behind the eventual winners (~1/2 lap).

Second race - lined up in the back and was trying to come up with a valid reason not to do it.  what sort of dumbass pre-pays for 2 races about an hour apart - i know the answer to that rhetorical question.  Knowing I didn't have much to start with I concentrated on the easier things like good lines on the loose stuff, cornering, smooth dismounts/remounts and beer handups.  Picking people off at a pretty chill effort, i got squeezed into a garbage can by some big oaf.  No damage but ~20-30sec lost.  Probably regained the ~10 spots I lost but not a big deal.

Kinda small fields.  Either people aren't ready or driving distance from the bubble. Good weather although a bit hot at times.  Thankfully cloud cover rolled in for Andy's race.

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