Saturday, September 20, 2014

Race Report: Cyclo-X Xilinx

what's the address for the pain cave - not really a race report
By:  Jon Maule

so the title gives a little hint as to one of the things I need to work on.  Probably the only thing I should work on.  I know I have another gear and my coach told me to go until I puke (so did Kirk).  The best name I could come up with was the "extended stay discomfort lounge," a place where you could hang out for 2-10hrs if that was your thing.  That's kinda where I've been living and for cx that really doesn't work well unless your objective is simply to finish and/or be mid-pack.

For some dumb reason I decided to race with the 4's.  it's the earliest of the waves that I'm eligible to race and that's probably what drove the decision.  Looking over the splits, it's definitely the faster of the three categories and that's ultimately (probably) a good thing.  Anyhow, that category is slotted to go off just before 10am which leaves me the rest of the day to pick rocks out of my knee and clean my bike.

I got a great start on the day with half a serving of oatmeal and a couple eggs w/ green chili - i'm suddenly hungry again.  Sometime during or after I got caught up checking scores, facebook, news and next thing I know it was the time I'd planned to leave.  A rushed pack and I arrived ~1/2hr later than I'd wanted.  blah blah...  got 2laps of recon and had to settle for a half assed warmup on the road.  I'd left my food bag on the floor of my office so gum and the new flavor of Skratch would have to suffice (decent if you like green tea).

the preview laps didn't really confirm anything new, haul ass up to the little wooded section and through to the pit/mud area then settle in for some roadie power sections

For some reason I received a 3rd row call up.  The guy next to me was all worried about the road section and I couldn't figure out why.  Anyhow, things went to plan for the first lap.  I bulldozed my way up to ~5th for the woods, lost a place or two on the way to the pit and settled in for those long/straight dirt sections that this layout is famous/infamous for.  Somewhere around 10-15th, pretty uneventful but my best lap by far.  Felt alright, burping but not puking.  That's good right?

Second lap I took a sharp corner too fast and my front washed out in the loose sand - I think I just took a bad line as that didn't happen again.  Bars and right shifter were crooked, straightened that out, check out the rest, take a deep breath and get back in - all told I only took out two other people and lost ~20-30 sec.  Right about here is where I kept catching myself cruising along doing z3/4.  That's "comfortable" (ish) but that's also why I kept getting passed.

somewhere around 3rd/4th lap I hear Kirkles yelling at me but I really only had 2-3 decent laps in me.  I went down again in a wet corner (need to get that Tufo and/or PDX on a rear wheel asap) and thankfully only took down 1 guy wearing orange shoes - that's all I saw.  Lost about 3 more spots and limped through the last lap with a pretty pathetic effort.  Ended up 957th out of ~40some finishers - 5:46 back of the winners who probably go to school with my son.  Sorry Gabe.

Couldn't find Kirk afterwards (I'll need another couple of months to recognize your new car :( ), had a short pity party and zipped home to get some stuff done.


Lap Times
  1. 9:11
  2. 9:40
  3. 9:18
  4. 9:48
  5. 9:51

Tires - (f) FMB Grippo xl @ 26#, (r) Challenge Fango @ 28#

What went right

?  My cooldown ?  Maybe the first lap?  I'd wanted to stay near the leaders as long as possible but they were putting down 8:20 laps so...

What went wrong

I think I'm taking baby steps towards the level of suffering needed but need to uhhhh  hup, hup buttercup.

saw Christian Long again.  His kid races for Boulder Jr Cycling and will probably be kicking my ass by the end of the season.  freakin kids

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