Friday, September 12, 2014

Race Report: Back to Basics CX #2

By:  Andy Lueck

Another strong showing in the B's with 86 riders lined up, luckily they relied on the previous week's finish for call up order.  Got a first row call up and we were slated to start 1 minute behind the Women's field.  The sun was just low enough to cause some issues during the race but all the rain had knocked the dust down, so better conditions than last week in my opinion.  Same course as last week but backwards, somewhat unfortunate since the better half pinned my number on for me on the left, so I made friends at the start for a quick re-pin, favor had to be returned.

Had a poor hold shot, think I was a bit gun-shy with the inconsistency of the start area, even worse than BOD. Ended up 6th wheel coming through the start and lost a couple more spots just before things got zig zaggy.  Rest of the race was just like any other cross race for me: ride my own lines, power past riders just before technical spots, and pass in the barriers.

By the last lap I had made it into 5th and was trying for the podium.  Well I passed in the stairs and gapped the Alpha rider, worked my way to the Feedback rider in 3rd, and hung onto his wheel to recover for a bit.  He was not letting me around but finally found a corner before the steep ride up and made a pass but felt him get right back on my wheel.  I wasn't doing too well the whole race on the next two turns and the front tire skidded out a bit on the left hander.  Feedback made it around me on the inside and we were, to steal a Davism, nut to butt through the barriers.  Well he nailed those and had just enough kick left to put a few seconds between us before the final dizzying turns before the finish.  I had no legs left to contend for the sprint and was content with holding off 5th place.  Ended up 4th, 2 spots better than last week; strange considering I started in the front this race and the back last week.

Another great training race to prep for Sunday, and it got me enough USAC points to put me at the top of the start list for Boulder Cup (at least compared to the 35 preregistered riders).

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