Thursday, September 4, 2014

Race Report: Back to Basics CX #1

By:  Andy Lueck

In summary: Goat heads and unnecessary bumps.  First lesson I learned, which I should have remembered from Koppenberg: Don't pre-ride/warm up with Kirk, you will get to the start line, miss call ups, and be in the back row.

I figured I would use this race to work on passing skills - 83 starters in the race and me sitting on the outside of the last row.  30 minutes, all out, puke tasting, dusty fun was to be had.

First two laps was close quarter racing.  I would surge every chance I got and pass everyone possible before ducking back into "single track."  Groups started to form by the third lap and I would surge up to one, take a break, then surge past and on to the next group.  

I accomplished what I wanted for the race: good workout for 30 minutes at threshold, no mishaps, made good passes, and got Kirk to buy me a beer.

83 starters / 76 finishers
Me: 6th
Kirk: 34th

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