Sunday, April 20, 2014

Favorite bike sayings

When we aren't riding our bikes chance are we're talking about riding bikes. Here are a couple of our favorite bike related sayings. Have any that are must additions?


  • “Shut Up Legs!” Jens Voigt

  • “Shut up and ride”

  • “There is no wind”

  • “There's no such thing as bad conditions, only bad clothing.”

  •  “It never gets easier, you just go faster.” Greg LeMond on climbing.

  • “WTF is zone 2?”


  • "You don't get faster by upgrading your bike, you get faster by riding your bike up grades."

  • If n is the number of bikes you have, n+1 is the number you need.

  • “S - 1 is the formula for adequate # of bikes to own with S = # of bikes that would dissolve relationship with significant other.”

  • “Why train when you can buy speed?


  • “Ride lots.” Eddy Merckx on tip for aspiring cyclists,

  • “My favorite bike is the one I'm riding right now”

  • “Sunscreen, chamois butter, then embro... always, always, always in that order.”


  • “If the ride isn't on Strava, it didn't happen.”

  • “Strava made me dope.”

Competitive Fuel:

  • “My ability to win parallels my tolerance for suffering, so bring the pain!”

  • “My pain will deliver your second place.”

  • “While you were on the couch, I was preparing a can of whoop-ass of which you are about to partake!”

  • “Your future success will embrace your current misery.”

  • “Cry while training so you can laugh while racing.”

  • "Suffer now to make others suffer later."

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