Monday, April 28, 2014

Common sense tips to drop those last few pounds

Common sense tips to get lean and mean and get that PR on your local climb!

Eat a relatively bigger breakfast and lunch (w/ snacks like veggies/salads between) and if need be to cut some calories around dinner.

Stop a predetermined time in the evening to stop eating, e.g., 6 pm.

If the above fails, smash the late night craving for munchies with a healthy snack, e.g., a scrambled egg.

Log it! Hold yourself accountable by keeping track of everything that goes in your mouth. There are plenty of applications that make this task less onerous that it sounds.

Long, Steady, Distance (LSD) rides in fall & winter.

If you work from an office have plenty of healthy snacks at the office so you aren't tempted by the vending machine or other unhealthy snacks. Cravings for candy and other junk are strongest when you’re hungry, so if you have healthy stuff handy, problem solved!

Plan your meals ahead and prep leftovers so good food is readily available.

Watch your fueling during and post-ride. It’s so easy to go on a post-ride cookie binge. Have a post-ride recovery drink and then resume normal eating pattern.

Don't allow yourself to ever get too hungry -- reduces willpower.

Include a 30 - 60 minute early morning/low intensity ride while fasted to kick start metabolism for the day.

Eat slower and allow yourself to get full instead of eating until full.

Drink more water. Not only will you be hydrated it will also suppress appetite. If you’re a fan of carbonated water, buy a SodaStream.

Avoid unnecessary sauces on food and anything deep fat fried.

Avoid unnecessary calories through beverages.

Fight hunger by eating plenty of colorful, high fiber veggies.

Eat consciously - ask yourself am I really hungry before eating.

Ask yourself, “Which 200 junk calories can I eliminate today?”

If all else fails... limit alcohol consumption, GASP!

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