Monday, January 13, 2014

Gear Review: Epic Bars by Jon Maule (@JonMaule)

Initially distracted by the words Buffalo Bacon and Cranberry I picked up all three varieties of the bars from Epic this past weekend at Whole Foods.

I've been sampling the natural/raw bars as a quick work lunch (when needed while still being "good") and to keep somewhat in line with my attempt to eat less crap.  So it was with great anticipation that I finished up that last damned cashew larabar (thanks Costco - why do they have two decent bars and one complete crap bar in those boxes) and grabbed one of the Epic Bars for today.

I grabbed this all of 10 minutes ago and thank god i had 750ml of water at the ready because this thing sucked every last molecule of water from my mouth.  it does taste alright though, just enough habanero to make things interesting and the sweetness of the cherry helps mellow the pepper too.  Good thing those two ingredients are included or this might taste an aweful lot like dirt - Allen Lim would like this bar as it only has 8 ingredients total.  The lack of preservatives also means these things have a pretty short shelf life (this was labeled Use By :1/16/14) and at ~$2.50 per 1.5oz serving, these aren't exactly cheap.

Overall - once you get past the desiccant action of the initial bite, it tastes "alright".  The short shelf-life does limit the usefulness of these things though.  You wouldn't want to leave one in your camelback for a year like you can with a cliff bar.


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