Sunday, December 1, 2013

Race Reports: Turkey CX and Green Mtn CX by Kirk Groves (@LSVLKirk)

Race Reports: Turkey CX and Green Mountain CX
Thanksgiving Day I drove down to Lakewood for Turkey Cross. I really liked the course this year compared to previous races at the same location, Bear Creek Park. It was fast, had a nasty run-up, a couple log barriers and a un-rideable (for me) jaunt through the sand. I also liked the addition of a gravel section through some horse stables. I wasn't emphasizing this event and it was my first time racing with the B's. I was hoping to make the top half and not embarrass myself. I got a decent start and I made steady progress forward throughout the race. I had a clean ride, didn't die on the run-up (I felt like I might) and ended up with a satisfying 12th. There's something about doing a race on a holiday I find particularly enjoyable.

On Saturday I drove down to Littleton for Green Mountain CX. The location is around a church with a lot of open space. It's relatively flatish, bumpy and loose in spots. There were a couple somewhat tricky off-camber sections. Not surprisingly with the holiday weekend it was the smallest turnout of the season, just 22 racers in the 35+ 4's. I settled into 2nd place after the start. During the 2nd of 5 laps it became obvious that I was incredibly sloppy. I attribute it to fatigue but whatever the cause, it definitely cost me. None of the incidents resulted in more than a scuffed knee or cost me a spot but each time I had to chase back up to the racer in first. Three different times I was off the bike unexpectedly -- frustrating! Despite being right there on the lap last lap I didn't have enough in reserve to make the pass for the win, primarily as a result of the chasing. At the end of the day I was pleased to be on the second step of the podium. I have to admit I was hoping for a win in my final race as a 4 to go out with a splash like Greg did. Coming into the race I was at 13 upgrade points. My 2nd was worth 4 more, pushing me over the mandatory limit of 15.
GM CX Podium
Now it's time to taper for States. I'll have my work cut out for me as a 3 now. In the mean time I'll get good use of my podium swag.

Podium Swag

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