Monday, October 7, 2013

Race Report - Primalpalooza by Kirk Groves (@LSVLKirk)

On Sunday I raced Primalpalooza at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. The course had a decent amount of elevation change per lap, two sections of mud (one really wet and one sticky), some bumpy grass sections, a long stair run-up and some hard packed loose sections - more on that in a second.
I received a first row call-up based on my 3rd and 4th placings in Fort Collins last month. There were 55 starters in my category, old and slow, aka the 35+ 4s. I had a nice start and settled into 3rd at the first bottleneck. Unfortunately I crashed early in the first lap. I was outside the standard/burned in line on a loose hard packed section -- my bike washed out from under me in the blink of an eye. I knew I'd lost some skin from my right arm but I wasn't seriously hurt. My chain was off and stuck. It took me what seemed an eternity to get it back on. I hopped back on and not not even a minute later I realized that I'd bent my derailleur and derailleur hanger when my derailleur shifted into my spokes at the base of a climb. Again I was off my bike and I attempted to bend it back to rideable. At this point I'm pissed. I'd paid good money to race and I've blown a great start going from 3rd to something around 50th. My bike shifted well enough and I decided not to get my B bike at the pit. All this in the first 3 minutes of the race. I settled in and got to business. The bummer part of all this is that I had good legs today, good enough to podium. I was making quick work of moving through the field. I was gaining spots by the handful in the run-up and the climbs.

Right before the finishing straight I'd passed two guys and I knew they'd want to get back around me. I came around them on the run-up and kept them behind me with a slightly longer run before mounting. I would've held them off but off of my shoes came out of the pedal as I started my sprint. While I was trying to get it re-engaged one of the two guys came around me.  He got 11th and left 12th for me.

So I got in a solid workout, got a ton of practice passing and a 12th. One of our former teammates, David Vogel, finished 2nd. I was a minute back of him. I stuck around to take his podium picture. The swag bag was awesome, a flask, a pound of Skratch Labs and more goodies.

I've just taken a look at my bike and the derailleur hanger broke off in my hand at the slightest touch and my derailleur needs replaced as well. I also need to replace a buckle on my shoe. My body took the rest of the impact.  Such is cyclocross.  I can't wait for the Boulder Cup on Sunday!

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