Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our favorite little things... Contributions by @ActionJCyclist, @jonmaule, @LSVLKirk, Jeremy Geer & Steve Fangman

What are you favorite little products and tips to help you enjoy your time on the bike even more? We've included some of ours below. Please use the comment field to add some of your own!

Handlebar dressing and accessories: 

*  Greg likes fi'zi:k bar gel for the tops only, not the drops, particularly the Microtex tape. He completes the hand-bar interface with the Giro Zero gloves without any padding - gives great feel while still providing comfort.

*  Kirk is running LizardSkins bar tape on all his bikes. His personal favorite is the 3.2mm thick tape on his CX bikes.

*  Jon is a rather considerate fellow and has a bell on his mountain bike. He grew tired of announcing his presence on crowded Front Range trails and the ringing sound even seems to cut through the buzz of most headphone wearing zombies.

*  Kirk doesn’t stare at his stem quite as much as Chris Froome, but when he’s looking down it’s at Garmin. He likes to keep that Garmin secure and at bar level with the Tate Labs BarFly 2.0.

*  Kirk also likes to protect his Garmin screen with a clear film – 6 packs of film available on eBay.

*  Jeremy started off as a hater all electronic training devices. He's now come full circle. He has the Garmin 310XT and has it fully accessorized. He has the Quick Release Mounting Kit, plus a BarFly TT so he keep track of those watts. He's most proud of taking one of the quick release handle bar mounts and attaching it to the strap of his open water swim goggles with some zip ties.  It keeps the Garmin on the back of his head pointing to the sky while his face is buried in the water during swims, and gives him pretty accurate data, and tells him if he was able to swim a relatively straight line!


*  Several team riders are fans of the Skratch Labs drink mix, both Exercise and Everyday.

* Jon likes to chew gum, it seems to help keep his mouth "wet" in addition to keeping his breath minty fresh for the podium ladies, or so he’s heard.

* A yummy bit of jersey food is a Waffle 'sammich' topped with cream cheese and cherry preserves. Don't wait too long to eat it thought, they don't keep too long. Pro-tip - toast the waffles almost to the point of burning.

*  Justin's nut butter is a pretty good snack and gel alternative on longer rides (~180 calories) and they're relatively cheap.

*  Camelback Podium Chill bottle - always open, always closed - love it.

*  Nutritionally, Jeremy single-handedly is keeping Hammer Nutrition in business.  He's going to publish an entire blog post on all the Hammer products he uses. For a simple edge, he recommends suggest Race Day Boost prior to key races and Endurolytes electrolyte capsules for all workouts and races.

*  Steve's breakfast of champions is regular vanilla yogurt mixed with granola and fresh berries or banana.  Tasty, sustained energy, and never disagrees with his stomach.

*  Beer – DUH!!!

Training and Racing Tips:

*  Greg has an ‘Intervals' app he runs on his iPhone.

*  Jon wears earplugs for TTs. They help reduce the wind noise, which can make him think he’s going harder than he really is. The silence helps him focus on his true effort.

*  Kirk really dreads riding the trainer. Last we checked rain falls from the sky, not battery acid. Using a Flipper Fender from Planet Bike keeps him from getting quite as wet while riding in the rain.

* Several team members use Strava, a fun app that combines training and social.  Nice free-mium model.


*  RoadID (just in case)

*  Mavic Equipe Jacket - great venting zippers - will be great for cross season!

*  Showing his true tri-guy roots, Jeremy wears sleeveless jerseys. He thinks they say, "I'm not just a cyclist, I kill it in three sports."  And the tan lines look better.

* Nothing ticks Jon off more than having sweat run down his sunglasses during a ride.  He uses the Halo headband.  These things are badass and as a bonus, they leave this really cool indentation across your forehead that lasts several hours.  Jon never leaves home without it, except when he does.

*  Steve is a fan of the Headsweats ( helmet liners.  He's used the Halo but has found the sweat gutter strip breaks down and cracks over time.  Headsweats has a brimmed hat version that fits under the helmet which blocks the sun and keeps rain from falling directly onto his eyes.  The Headsweats liners integrity has not faltered after repeated trips through the laundry.

Clean Up:

*  Avoid stinky helmet head! Wash your helmet frequently and easily by taking it in the shower with you post-ride.

*  Jeremy uses baby wipes to quickly and easily clean up his bike. He finds baby wipes particularly effective at removing race number sticker goop. He carries them in his saddle bag for cleaning hands after dropping a chain or fixing a flat.

*  Kirk fancies himself a bit of a home mechanic and is a bit obsessive about keeping his bikes clean. He always has a canister of Grease Monkey Wipes close at hand.


*  Steve applies his massive wattage via Look Keo Blade pedals, a rock solid road cycling platform that inspires confidence to hammer.


*  Keep a pump, tube, basic tools and wipes in your car. Stop and help a cyclist and make their day.

Please share your favorites!!!

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