Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Race Report: Sonic Boom Louisville Criterium by Greg Jackson (@ActionJCyclist)

Greg w Girls

I had done pretty well in the practice crits on Thursday in Longmont for the past couple weeks, but they were fairly small fields and I have not been riding as much since starting my new job a month ago, so I was not sure how this was going to go today.

The SM Cat 4 race started off quickly and there were a few people that tried to break away, but while I was riding toward the front of the field, I became nervous and impatient, not wanting to let any breaks get away, so I wasted a lot of energy helping to bring them all back. I even tried to get into a break with two other guys at one point, but they didn't seem to really want to work, and I realized that my legs were not up to a long breakaway anyway.

After this effort, I decided to sit back a little bit so as not to be tempted to do anything foolish.

They started counting the laps down with six to go. Nobody really wanted to work too hard at the front, so it was easy to work my way up there. With about three laps to go, John Guala with Zilla Racing (big powerful guy with a ponytail), took off and got the field going again, stretching everybody out, However, this only lasted about a lap and a half, and then I found myself right on the front going through the start/finish with a lap to go. I quickly decided that was not where I wanted to be, so I sat up and let a couple people go by for the long slightly uphill stretch into the wind.

At the end of the uphill stretch, I went wide out of the corner and moved around into the lead to begin my sprint. Through the last few turns and into the finish, I never looked back, nor did I let anybody come around me. I ended up getting a gap of almost three seconds.

Another fun race, and my girls were able to watch as well, cheering on from the sidelines!

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