Monday, July 29, 2013

Race Report: Salida Classic Road Race by Steve Fangman

Hi everyone.  For your reading enjoyment, here are the highlights from my weekend’s race.

Let me start by saying I was not planning to race this weekend.  Last week, I rented a minivan and hauled my family back to Nebraska to visit relations.  We had a great trip, and I have not eaten so much good food or drank so much good a loooong time.  However, we had a change in plans and ended up back in Denver Friday evening.  So I said to myself...”Self, why not race on Sunday?"  My wife even suggested that I should race.  I have not touched a bike in a week...but why not.  It was a voice from above, so I signed up for the 45+ 1-2-3’s.

As you may have experienced, Sunday was cool and rainy in Lafayette.  I motored down to Salida, and arrived with an hour before my 3PM start.  No rain in Salida by then!  We were to race six laps on a 5.7 mile circuit with ~500 feet of climbing per lap.  There were apparently 25 in my group.

Not having been on the bike for a week, since after Mt Evans the weekend prior, I was not expecting great results.  The pace was fast, but I managed to hang with the lead group till the climb on the 5th lap.  There were about 15 of us heading in to this stinker of a hill.  Right at the top, I had a lapse in judgment and stayed in too big of a gear, and decided to grind it over.  The group launched at the top, and I could not keep my cadence high enough.  Got popped off the back.  Rats.

That double cheeseburger, fries, and Stella were laughing at me now.  I spent the last lap chasing solo to catch back on, but could not get closer than 10 seconds from the lead group.  Every time I got close, someone would attack and the gap would widen.  So frustrating.  I did manage to drop everyone else around me, and earned a 10th place finish.  Everything considered, I felt I raced a solid race.   Only one other cat 3 racer bested me.   Faster than the only RealID-Amgen guy, so that’s a plus.

I may do another race in Bozeman this week, but I think that’s it for my season.  If anyone wants to get out for a weekend ride, or lunch ride around Boulder / Interlocken, let me know.

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