Monday, July 22, 2013

Race Report: Mt Evans Hill Climb by Steve Fangman

Here are the highlights from today's race from Idaho Springs to the top of Mt Evans, which is 28 miles with ~7,000 feet of gain finishing at 14,200 feet (  There were a zillion racers today between citizens, juniors, categories, as well as a grand fondo event.

  • I entered the raced the 35+ cat 3 group, as I did last year
  • There were ~32 men racing against me
  • Weather was warm, but windy...especially above tree line
  • My time was 2:09, earned me 5th place, my best time yet
  • Even with wind, I shaved 4 min off my PR set last year
  • Hammer Race Day Boost and mega-hydration kept me focused, no cramping calf
  • Thanks to Jeremy Geer for providing his race preparation, as the results prove
  • I was faster today than Ryan Taylor (ex-teammate), so take that Team Sonic Boom!
  • I saw Rosanna racing today, representing Foxtrot!
  • If I had joined the 45+ cat group today, I would have earned a solid 3rd place
  • I forgot to turn my computer on till part way through the race, oh well
  • I brought two right gloves (ugh), and was not successful finding someone who brought two left gloves...
  • Next year, I am racing with guys more my age

Great race, and I am completely wasted.  The results were posted by the time I got down the mountain.  I don't know how they did it, but it was really cool to get immediate feedback. 

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