Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Race Report: Mike Horgan HC by Steve Fangman

I raced Mike Horgan HC yesterday.  This year, the race was up Magnolia and finished by Eldora ski resort, just above Nederland.  If you have not been on Magnolia, it is really steep.  I raced the 45+ 1-2-3 again, but did not have a strong showing.  My time was 1:40:19, which is about 15 seconds faster than I did it in 2009.  Here are the highlights:

  • Of the 18 in my group, I finished 14th

  • Of my group, there were the following demographics:

    • 1’s - 2

    • 2’s - 13

    • 3’s - 3

  • I managed to stay ahead of all the RealID-Amgen guys

  • Of the three 3’s, I was the first...well only.  The other two DNF’d (yea?)

  • Just finishing that grueling race is an accomplishment for me

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