Friday, June 14, 2013

Race Report: Ideal Market Crit by Kirk Groves (@LSVLKirk)

A couple quick notes to add to Greg's thorough race report.  My plans of controlling the front of the race with Greg went out the window on the second or third lap after I hit a pedal in a corner. I could tell that despite missing some skin on my left side I was not seriously injured. I picked up my bike, the wheels were still true so I did my best cross remount in road shoes but... the chain was jammed. It was stuck under the chain spotter. Try as I might I couldn't get the chain back around the supposed "drop guard." I ran in my cleats to the start/finish and borrowed an allen wrench and got my bike ready to roll again. I think it took me a total of two laps to get back in the race. The lead group was about 7 or 8 at this point and I was able to get on the back of that group. A while later there was a split in the race that saw Greg and two other guys get off the front. I just didn't have enough to get around the traffic and get on that move. I spent the remainder of the race trying to join that missed move. I ended up working with one guy and we were the first chase group, 4th and 5th on the road. He nipped me in the sprint so I ended up 5th.
I had a lot of fun and the only significant damage was my Foxtrot cycling shorts. Fortunately JD thinking ahead had purchased a bit of inventory so I was able to buy a replacement pair.

Greg is FLYING!!! 2nd in a sprint at No Boulder Park on Saturday and then front off the front for a win last night. He's looking lean and mean. I did my best to recruit him for cyclocross this fall.

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