Monday, June 17, 2013

Race Report: Boulder Sprint Tri by Jeremy Geer

The Boulder Sprint Triathlon on June 16th represented my first of four triathlons for 2013.  Since this is my second season in triathlon, I was very eager to see if I had improved with a year's experience.  I have a lot going for me this year: I have a nutrition plan with Hammer Nutrition, I am working with Coach Todd Farrell through, I have a brand new Blue Triad EX bike from Foxtrot Wheel and Edge, and I had a 1:1 swim lesson with Anne Wilson from Camelback Coaching.

Pre race, JD and Dana over at Foxtrot did a once over on the bike to make sure everything was race-ready.  JD also helped me tweak my fit by bringing the aero bars in a bit, adjusting my arm rests, and giving me some pointers on riding with an aero helmet.  Then, they threw on some beautiful ZIPP wheels; 404 in the front, 808 in the back.

blue triad ex for Boulder Sprint Triathlon 20130616

Since this is a relatively short race, my nutrition plan was simple.  A Hammer Race Day Boost regimen in the four days leading up to the race.  On race, morning, I took my normal set of multivitamin, Omega-3, garlic, saw palmetto, Hammer AO Booster, and Hammer Super Anti-Oxident.  I also added two Hammer Anti-Fatigue caps which were probably not necessary for a race this short, but I'll take any edge I can get.  45 minutes before the race, I popped two Hammer Mito Caps plus two Hammer Endurolytes.  15 minutes before the gun, I took a serving of Hammer Tropical Gel which has caffeine, something I reserve only for race days!

The swim start this year was radically different, including a beach start.  Instead of starting in the water and being sorted by age group and gender, each athlete was asked to pick their predicted swim pace and line up in a beach corral based on that.  I chose the 1:50 to 2:00 / 100 yds corral, hoping that with all my training that I could keep up with this group.  I stayed at the back of the corral and got off to a great start.  But, within the first 100 yards, my goggles completely fogged up, likely from standing on the beach so long.  As a result, navigating through the washing machine was tough, and I had a hard time spotting the bouys.  I was constantly drifting off course to the left, and then forced to correct and cut back to the right - extremely inefficent!  I ended up finishing the swim in 16:31, a 46 second improvement from last year.

After the comedy that is me trying to get out of a westuit, and forcing an aero helmet over my monkey ears, I rolled my bike out of transition.  My shoes were already in my pedals, but during my morning prep, I forgot to loosen the velcro straps, so I had to take a quick pause to get that done.  I hopped on the bike and was quickly into my shoes and moving.  The bike leg was thankfully uneventful... I passed dozens of people that had started in the faster swim waves, and was overtaken by maybe 12-15 cyclists.  At about mile 5, I took a shot of my Gel, and at mile 10, I took a shot of Gel plus one Mito Cap, two Endurolytes, and one Anti-Fatigue Cap.  Other then water, that would be all my supplements through the rest of the race.  I finished the 15 mile bike leg in 40:51 at an average of 22 MPH, 1.5 MPH faster then last year (granted, this year's course was 2.1 miles shorter due to construction at Jay Rd and Hwy 119).

Jeremy Geer on the bike

My wife snapped the attached pic of me on my bike just outside transition as I was getting out of my bike shoes.  I had watched some youtube videos of pro triathletes in T2, and adopted their routine: leave the shoes on the bike, rack the bike, glasses off, helmet off, shoes on, grab running bib, visor, sunglasses, and Garmin, and put those on as you exit transition.  It worked as my T2 was only 46 seconds.  I was finally into my comfort zone: the run!  The run was VERY crowded, so I spent a lot of energy navigating through and around people.  I kept thinking, "am I really that bad at swimming and biking that this many people are ahead of me?!"  I was proud that no one passed me on the 5K run, and I finished it in 21:03, a 21 second improvement over last year.

Post race, I had my favorite Hammer Recoverite Citrus drink, plus two Mito Caps and two Endurolytes.  In all, I'm pretty happy with my results, as I improved in all three disciplines and even a bit in T2.  My consistency in training and nutrition has paid off, but I can't help but feel it's time to have a break-through in my swimming and cycling.  Perhaps at the Boulder Peak Triathlon in mid-July...

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