Saturday, May 18, 2013

Superior Morgul TT Race Report by Greg Jackson (@ActionJCyclist)

From the get go, things did not start off great as I didn't give myself enough time to register and pin my number on, not to mention that I almost missed my start time because I thought it was at 4:48, not 4:38, which cut into the last little bit of warmup I was going to get.

After Haystack TT and not feeling like I tried to conserve too much towards the beginning, I decided that I was going to go all-out for this one. I took off in a full sprint in the initial (slight) incline before the downhill section heading into the roundabout and let myself rest a little bit during the downhill. As i got through the roundabout, I saw that I had already made up some good ground on the guy in front of me, so I made it a goal of passing him as quickly as possible, which I ended up doing in the first uphill section before The Wall flattens out and really starts getting steep.

The flattish section after the wall on 128 was the hardest section of the race for me as I still tried to pin it, yet recover slightly at the same time. A guy from Primal, whom I think ended up placing near the top, passed me two thirds of the way through the flat section.

My strategy was to act like the top of the net climb was the end of the race (and then just keep going) because I figured there wasn't much left after it anyways and I could manage going way into the red for the final section anyways. As I started heading up, I saw a group of three riders together, so I just crushed I up the climb and managed to pass two of them (one of which had passed me during the Haystack TT, which felt pretty good).

For the last part of the course I tried to embrace the pain and went all out to the finish, but it still hurt like hell.

Honestly, I was hoping to place a little better, but I am pretty happy with my effort of 18:06 (13th place out of 40) and am looking forward to the road race on Sunday.

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