Sunday, May 19, 2013

Race Report: Superior Morgul by Eric Jensen (@ericbikeco)

Time Trial: 8th on a 6.5 mile course with two 8%+ climbs to get 600ft vertical was pretty good for me. I got passed by two on The Wall and then flew by them on the downhill and never saw them again. I had hoped for 19:00 but I'm allergic to everything and was having a miserable allergy day. I pulled 20:26.

Criterium: 12th just off the pack. Cat is 20 minutes and they said there would be two omnium primes. Being a genius I figured the first had to be lap 2 or 3. I was 4th wheel at the top of the hill and used my "big bones" to just bomb around Starbucks and drilled it up the hill. Bell. Good. I kept the throttle up and had the hope that the pack might flow on the squiggle. Two guys half my age got me at the line. That put the hurt on my crappy lungs. I was at the back of the pack holding a wheel fine and blew a shift, grabbed his brakes for some reason, and there went the pack. I had them 50ft in front of me for 4 laps and just could not close the gap. I revved the diesel and passed 3-4 guys on the finish hill. 3rd crit ever. Decent result. Happy.

Road Race: 3 trips UP The Wall and The Feed Hill twice does not bode well. I had no hope (or reality) of staying with guys half my age up either. I lost the pack on the first trip up. The wind was about average at 10mph gusting to 20. All alone I got as aero as I could and kept the gas at 280W. Caught a couple guys on the downhill. At the turn the pack had half a mile or more. I caught one back up to the Wind Lab and one on the next downhill. There was too much traffic to bomb The Wall. I kept the tempo high through the turn and up The Wall. I then repeated the aero mashing through the shelled juniors and SW4. On each downhill I caught a guy on The Feed Hill. Wouldn't work with me. Bye. I bombed down The Wall with no traffic at probably 50mph. What gravity taketh away, gravity returns. (I had the downhill Strava from Ward to Greenbrier for about 2 months. Not the slightest bit sketchy downhill bay-bee.) From there it was a bit of conserving and hope my legs don't cramp on The Wall. Kept a good pace and rolled through looking awful but not sloppy. 41st of 55 but I knew that would be the case when I registered.

All told, 9th in the Omnium of 12 guys who did all 3 races. Considering the hills my 44 year old 23 BMI is happy with that.

Now I say it was a good 3 days. Tomorrow I'll be glad I work at home, but the "commute" up the stairs might take 15 minutes.

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