Friday, May 17, 2013

Race Report - Ideal Market Thursday Crit by @LSVLKirk

I've been planning for weeks to do the Thursday evening criterium in Longmont and I made it last night -- but JUST barely.The course is 0.6 miles long and flat. I'd describe the course as a smooshed figure 8 but you can come up with a better description on your own:  The road surface was okay, not great, not awful.

For absolutely no good reason I was late to leave my house and arrived at the registration table as the riders were receiving their pre-race instructions. The race had started and I hadn't pinned on my number, opps.

Mid-way into my 2nd lap I was starting to catch riders off the back. I continued to chase through traffic the first half of the race. I got within 10 seconds of the lead group but couldn't ever close the gap. As expected with this level of racing there was little to no working together. At one point I pulled 4 or 5 guys for 5 minutes. I couldn't get anyone to work with me and share the work. I finally pulled out wide in a corner to force someone else to the front. I worked my way back into 3rd wheel and stayed there for a lap but the pace had dropped substantially without my driving it. I pulled back through to the front and stayed there until 2 to go. I again forced my way off the front and sat in for a lap. I was in a 3-up sprint and I think I got them both, not that it really mattered, it was probably for 15th. I'll never know where I actually finished as they listed me as DNP in the P/1/2/3 race instead of finishing the 4/5 race but I can't complain given how late I registered.

If you're looking for a low cost ($15), low-key crit I recommend the series. I got in a great workout, there's nothing like the intensity of racing. I also stayed upright and my comfort railing the corners increased greatly as the 30 minute race went on.

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