Thursday, May 23, 2013

Race Report - CU Short Track Week 1 by Kirk Groves (@LSVLKirk)

It's not a secret that my favorite discipline is cyclocross. Short Track mountain biking is the closest thing to CX that isn't CX. There aren't any barriers, the laps are shorter, you're on a mtb but otherwise it's CX.  Last night my son and I went to Valmont Bike Park to get our psuedo-cross on. Jay lined up for the 9 and under race. The 9 and under race was 2 mini-laps and really too short for him. In future weeks he'll race up with the 10-12's. He started behind several rather young kids and places 1-3 had a race winning gap on him before he got moving. 

Here is the course we used this week:  It was short but it is 'short' track after all. The 0.7 mile course with 50' of vertical went by quickly. I raced the C's and we were scheduled for 20 minutes. I had a front row start but my line was cut-off and I had to check up. I went into the first bottleneck, a 180, in fourth. I sat in for a lap and was right on the 3rd wheel. A 15 year old was in 1st and he had a gap and it was growing. I passed into 2nd but the young racer in 1st was keeping a close eye on me. Every time I'd get within 5 seconds of him he'd put in an effort and stretch his lead back out. I had a clean race -- no bobbles or mechanical issues. We did a total of 7 laps and by the end I had a good 45 second gap on 3 and 4th. They asked the winner to do a brief interview at the end. It was a small consolation when he said it was hard because he had someone chasing him all race.
I had a blast and so did my son. I did the pre-reg so my fee was $18 and Jay was free. We'll definitely be back throughout the summer on a regular basis. I'll race the B's in future weeks so I gain more experience with starts, passing and get pushed even further into the pain cave by the competition. It is a great chance to get your kids into racing -- warm, close to home, not overly technical, no license required, free and a reasonable evening start time.  Check it out!

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