Monday, May 6, 2013

Race Report: Battle at the Bear by @jonmaule

So i need to state up front that for the time being, all of my long-course mountain bike rides are really about survival and finishing so they're not really "racing" per se.
I went into this race having a goal of finishing the 60 mile course in 5 hours but secretly hoping for 4:45 ish.  I ended up (by my garmin) at 5:10 - oooooh so close.  I've been sick for the past week and a half but felt pretty strong before getting sick.  Was hoping some of that would carry over.  Honestly, I really think I might have been closer to the 5 hr timeline but we'll never know.

so this course isn't very technical save for one very small descent and provides ample opportunity to pass (or be passed) :).  I went into this not having raced this distance so I started out at my "all day ride" pace of ~140bpm.  well I was gettng passed by just about everyone and decided to up that to 150bpm on the flats and 160ish on the climbs (keep in mind that my max HR is in the upper 170s).  That seemed to work well as I kept my standing in my age bracket - although i was passed by the Men's Pro series leader about 1.5 laps in (???).

There's not really much to talk about except that I left it ALL on the course.  If I had to do it again, I'd probably have tried to have more calories in the first half of the race.  I have a hunch that my 250 calories per 20/oz drink and the occasional gel just wasn't quite enough.  not quite sure how I'll do that but...

I have NO idea where I placed but I'm pretty sure it's in the bottom third as i saw (and was cheered on) by several people in my age group on my last lap (meaning they finished around 4:15.

Even though my "sit bones" hurt like crazy, I'd do this again in a second.  these guys have a first class atmosphere, all the racers are encouraging, the pro's sing on the hill climbs, and you even get a schwag bag!

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