Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weld County Race report by @JonMaule

I decided to do this after the mtb race in Castlerock postponed (next weekend).  I haven't spent much time on the road bike lately and after fairing reasonably well last time out I thought  might be able to hang on and finish with the group (the finish was after a reasonable climb of 3-400 ft over maybe 2 miles).

Two things led to me not being able to do what I wanted:

1 - the roads were very narrow and you coudln't move up unless you went over the yellow (saw two peeps get pulled for trying this)

2 - these guys were way more aggressive.  In the first hour I spent nearly half over threshold.

Once again, i rode the last lap by myself at a comfortable high-tempo pace.

I did have fun, just wish I'd been up front at the start to minimize the surging.

Hopefully better next weekend.


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