Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Haystack TT Race Report

By Eric Jensen (@ericbikeco)

I went SM4 due to timing and wanting to avoid pro triathletes. Note I am 44 in 2 weeks.

The course was shortened to remove the slight uphill drag heading west along Neva. I would have preferred it longer but what can ya do. My goal was 27:00 based on some rough math and knowing the roads. Having data from our friends at CycleOps, I was pretty sure I could hold 300W and not blow up.

The air quality was pretty poor driving in, so I didn't have my hoped up. I have bad lungs to the point that "unhealthy for sensitive groups" means I hit meds in the house.

I got a good hour warmup, and got to the start in time to have a chat with Greg. I took off in a full sprint, then settled for 2 minutes of high cadence. No redline yet. I kept a solid 275W and worked my way smoothly to 300+ on the way to Lefthand. I knew that hill will blow me up, but I kept it in check at 95% max HR. I put the hammer down from there and caught the 40s guy about a half mile after the turn on Nelson. I got another about a minute later. I was in a perfect groove from the top of the hill past 65th and to the turn down 79th; no idea how many I passed as I dodged the weekend warriors. There was a bit of a headwind from the East oddly enough, and I was just a bit over limit on the oil' lactic acid. The ride back down 79th was worthy of Torquemada. Somehow I kept the legs moving but the Watts weren't there. I bashed through to the downhill and kept the throttle open knowing the finish was just after the turn. Anaerobic. Hypoxic. But the stars were pretty.

I pulled a 26:38. Something like 15th. Would have been 5th in 35/4. All but one guy (who is 41) that beat me is like 28. I'll take it. Happy with the day.

Next up a smaller field, without triathletes, down in Larkspur at Cafe Velo Tri Lakes TT on May 4. Gonna get me some hardware.

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