Monday, March 18, 2013

Race Report: Cobb Lake Circuit Race

By Jon Maule ( @jonmaule )

This was a fun race and schedule permitting I'll come back next year. I don't think I did any mass start events last year and I think that showed as i was responding to all of the dumb surges trying to stay up front to be able to react to any attacks - that never happened. Initially I'd hoped to be able to stay up front and maybe lead Kirky out with a lap to go. As is the norm w/ Cat 4's, the first lap was really fast (for our standards) but chilled out and was almost too slow. For the most part I kept in pretty good spots and stayed out of the wind behind some big people. I started cracking on that stupid hill on the 3rd lap I think? Knowing there wasn't a lot left, I went out on a couple flyers just to screw up the race and completely empty the tank. Ended up not finishing with the lead group and allegedly placed 25th (???).

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