Monday, March 18, 2013

Cobb Lake Race Report - feel like I've been cobbed

By Steve Fangman

If you are interested, here is my race report from CSU's circuit race yesterday. We had a huge field in SM3. I took a quick count at the start line, and it looked like ~60 entrants. It has been a while since I have race in such a large field. As this was one of the first races this year, the group was a little twitchy. I heard of a crash during our race, but I did not see it. The weather was cool and breezy, but not horrible. Our SM3 group did seven laps on an 8 mile loop (7 laps x 8 miles = 56 miles). A mile of the circuit was on dirt / gravel. A really rough road. The sort of road that tosses water bottles. The rest was on empty residential smooth asphalt and highway. Fairly flat, but one punchy hill with the start/finish on top.

The first four laps were fairly civil. But I found myself having trouble hanging with the pack on the dirt. I would be back a couple hundred yards when the pack turned off the dirt and headed up the paved hill. I had to then chase the pack to catch back on, and that cost me. For the last two laps, another Sonic Boob guy and I worked fairly well together as we were a few hundred yards off the back, and we came close to catching the pack. Guys were popping off right and left. I ended up placing 35, which I am surprisingly pleased. I was just hoping to finish, so the realization that I would pass someone before the finish was gratifying.

Ryan Taylor rode strong, and finished 11th. Peter raced, but got a DNF. It was great to see Kirk and Jon at yesterday's race. And I will be interested in hearing how they raced. It's only the first race of the season. And as Kirk says, I still have all my skin!

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