Thursday, February 14, 2013

Join the Foxtrot Racing Group on Strava

Most folks use Twitter or Facebook or another social media application. Are you a Strava user as well? For the uninitiated here is a blurb from the Strava site:
"Today, Strava lets athletes all over the world experience social fitness—sharing, comparing and competing with each other's personal fitness data via mobile and online apps. Currently focused on the needs of avid cyclists and runners, Strava lets you track your rides and runs via your iPhone, Android or dedicated GPS device to analyze and quantify your performance. Strava makes fitness a social experience, providing motivation and camaraderie even if you’re exercising alone."

Several members of Foxtrot Racing upload their ride/run files to Strava from their GPS or phone. You'll find Brad at the top of the leaderboard on many of the local mountain biking descents.

And for your reading pleasure, learn the backstory of the Verizon 'heart' commercial currently airing on TV.

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