Sunday, February 3, 2013

Group Ride Report - Feb 3, 2013


This week's group ride had four participants  (L-R) Adam Gordon, JD Whitney, Josh Gall and Kirk Groves (not pictured). Steve was playing Soccer Dad and unavailable to 'moto-pace' the group .  Brad was attending to far more important family issues. Eric was out of town and wishing he was home.

We decided to do the Morgul Bismarck course from the shop. Here is Kirk's file from Strava starting from his home in Louisville.

Adam needs a winter/spring tune on his bike, his bottom bracket was as dry as the Sahara. Adam will be back another week and ready to stick his nose in the wind. Josh flew up the climbs, ohh to be young and thin. JD saved his legs on the climbs and inflicted pain on others late in the day. Good times!

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