Monday, May 7, 2012

Tri-Lakes TT and Deer Trail

Foxtrot experienced another great weekend of weather and racing.

Tri-Lakes TT

On Saturday, our racers were greeted with great weather and an amazing course down near Palmer Lake outside of Castle Rock.  The course consisted of a series of rollers on a loop.

  • Our reigning SM3 State TT Champion Peter Schimpf took 1st place in the SM3 race.

  • Eric Jensen also scored a podium finish with 2nd place in the SM5 race.

  • Roseanna Neupauer also score an impressive 4th place in the SW4 race.

Deer Trail

Foxtrot had yet another solid road race with two top ten finishes in the SM3 Deer Trail Road Race.  Below is a report from our 7th place top finisher, Paul Shumate

I wasn't exactly excited about the race with multiple out and backs, narrow roads, and wind.  I did have 3 other teammates Lee, Steve, and Peter who were racing so that was at least a plus.  Our field started out 35 strong with partly cloudy skies and temps supposedly getting up into the sixties with fairly light winds.   It turns out that we would only be on CR 217 once since there was a bridge out farther down the road and then doing three laps on the other stretch of road.

The race started out at a reasonably pace with a neutral start and mostly a headwind going into the first out and back.  Going into the first turn around I was near the back and didn't bridge the gap quickly enough and had to chase harder and more than I expected.  After that, I tried to position my self better at the turn arounds and went full gas to regain contact with the guys up front.  We were well represented with Lee, Peter, and my self at/near the front of the peloton.  Steve had some sort of mechanical I think near the first turn around and ended up chasing for a while and eventually regaining contact with us in the middle of the race right as a group of 45+ riders were catching us.

As the 45+ group approached, the moto-ref neutralized the field and asked that we stay to the right.  In the chaos three racers decided that riding neutral meant to attack the field as they were riding slow and following instruction.  Just about the least classiest move and borderline cheating.  But a strong chase by the rest of the field brought back the break a few minutes later.

GS Boulder had a couple of guys riding pretty strong and attacking multiple times through out the race.  One was Carfang, who won the Louisville Crit, so he needed to be watched.  On the second to last big roller I was in a bit of trouble and got separated and thought my race was over.  I was able to regain contact a few seconds later and knew I just needed to hang on a little bit longer.  We caught the solo break end the last 2 km or so; it seemed like he broke away at like 15 miles or something.  I was in a good position going into the last 1 km, but was boxed in during the sprint, not even getting out of the saddle to contest, finishing 7th.  Lee finished 10th, with Steve and Peter finishing at 22nd and 25th I think.

We only did about 48 miles on the abbreviated course.  The weather turned out to be perfect, the race went better than expected, and having teammates always makes things more enjoyable.  So maybe Deer Trail isn't so bad.

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