Thursday, May 3, 2012

Top 10 Most Overlooked Race Day Items

I'm sure you've all read about preparing for a race the night before and the important things to pack (like your bike). But this is a list of the top 10 most overlooked items. These are actually important, but don't usually make the "standard" list.

Comment below if you think we left something out!

1. Cooler and extra beverages - bring an extra bottle for warmup and a recovery drink for after the race. Best to keep them in a small fabric cooler so they are nice and cold after the finish.
2. Extra jersey or undershirt and old pair of sunglasses for the trainer - use a different jersey or shirt and sunglasses on the trainer, this will keep you from being soaking wet with sweat stained glasses at the start line.
3. Hand Sanitizer/Baby Wipes/Rubber gloves - great for wiping off any grease or cleaning up. Use the gloves when you work on your bike. Helps prevent getting grease all over your kit.
4. Baseball cap - I hate helmet head
5. Pins - hang onto the pins from a good race. These will bring you good luck
6. Release form (filled out) - why write when you can type. This will prevent errors in results and give you one less thing to do at the race. I usually have a few copies at home or in the car
7. Compression socks - not everyone believes in these. but for long car rides, these things are great for both before and after the race.  just helps keep the legs feeling fresh
8. Extra tube(s) and an old tire - worst thing is to get a flat or cut tire before the start. You probably bring extra wheels, but now you're down a set.
9. Disc Wheel Floor Pump Adapter - you likely bring a pump. But if you're a TT specialist, don't show up without your "crack pipe"
10. Avery Beer - shameless plug, but oh so good!  if you're like us, the best way to finish off a race is to tailgate with your buddies after a hard day of riding. Don't forget to designate a driver and drink responsibly.

     Avery Beer

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