Friday, May 11, 2012

the sufferfest

The rain has got me thinking about how I'll like be training indoors tomorrow.  That will make 8 straight months of having trained indoors this year.  There are two things that made this possible.  One being the Kreitler rollers with the headwind unit and the other being "The Sufferfest"

The Sufferfest produce a number of different training videos that are meant to target different training zones.  My personal favorites include:

Hell Hath No Fury

This is your standard 2x20 Threshold workout with a short 3:30 time trial to finish things off.  This video got me to realize how cool women's cycling is and what a shame it is that we don't get to see more women's race coverage.

The Hunted

I think this one is probably my favorite.  The variety of this workout is what makes it so great.  You start with a good 5 minute tempo warmup, then a 20 minute threshold workout.  Finally ending things with a brutal set of inverse intervals.  When you get done with this workout, you feel like you just got stronger.

Fight Club

I like to do this workout as I start to introduce threshold intervals in the early.  This video is pretty much inline with what Friel calls "cruise intervals".


I can't really speak to the music on these videos.  I typically do them with the volume turned off on the TV while I listen to my ipod (everyone else is usually sleeping while I'm doing these).  But we'll be posting our own Foxtrot playlist in the near future.

One thing I will mention about doing these videos while listening to an ipod is that a 4 year old coming down into the basement to startle you by yelling "Good Morning" is pretty much guaranteed to send you careening off the rollers.  So make sure you have a little extra room.

Here's the trailer for The Hunted.  Definitely check these out.  Happy training this weekend and looking forward to seeing you out on the roads once the sun comes back!

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