Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Cyclocross - Blue Sky Velo Cup & Excel Sports Monarch High Cross

We had another strong showing this past weekend with racers contesting both the Blue Sky Velo Cup in Longmont and the Excel Sports Monarch High Cross in Louisville.  Here are the results and reports.

Blue Sky Velo Cup CX


  • 2nd, SM3 - Ryan Taylor

  • 17th, SM3 - Ciro Zarate

  • 21st, SM 4 - Jon Maule

  • 23rd, SM3 - Paul Shumate

Excel Sports Monarch High Cross


  • 2nd, SM3 - Ryan Taylor

  • 12th, SM3 - Ciro Zarate

  • 20th, SM Open - Brad Sims

  • 23rd, SM3 - Paul Shumate

  • 28th, SM3 - JD Whitney

  • 36th, SM4 - Jon Maule

  • 41st, SM4 - Kirk Groves

  • 42nd, SM 35+ 4 - Jon Maule

Race Reports

Christian Long - SM 35+ 4
This was my second cross race and it was a little bit more of a challenge than the first one a few weeks ago. The course was really different than Valmont and I'm pretty sure I like the Valmont-style course better. I like to push hard on climbs and breath a little coming down. This course, I didn't feel had much room where you could breath. Are courses generally like this one or more like Valmont?

Anyway, I rode the course a couple of times in the morning. About 10 minutes before the start, I realized I had a flat. Ran to the car to fix it and came back about 1 minute before the gun. Of course, I was at the very back of the field. After the initial nerve-racking straight-away, the maze-like features slowed everything down quite a bit. After one lap I figure I passed about 20 guys or so. I managed to pretty much keep my position except for 1 guy passing me (first time I'm passed in a cross race!) at the beginning of the 2nd lap. Then, about half way in the second lap, my front felt very squirly and yes, got another flat. I guess I didn't fix the first one properly or I need a new bike. So, I unfortunately had to quit. I wish I had been able to finish. I do admit though that, mechanical aside, I had more fun at the Valmont course.

Jon Maule - 36th SM4/42nd SM 35+ 4
Thanks to pre-registering somewhat early, I had a 4-5th row start which can make a ton of difference in the usually packed 35/4's (which seemed somewhat light today - didn't look like the normal 120+ field).  I had a good start and a pretty good first lap sitting in around 15-20 but I screwed up by not really "racing" this one.  I wasn't feeling it and I really wanted to focus on the afternoon race.  I was about ready to pull the plug on the second lap but decided to sit up and wait for Christian to ride by and let him know I'd be there to help him however I could.  As we now know, that didn't happen.  Next time I'll be sure to point out my wheels and pit bike (if I bring it).

This course is a lot like Xilinx in that it's really fast and there aren't many places to recover.  Just to be clear, I wasn't (likely) a threat to win either of these but I think I might have been able to finish in the 10-20 range if I'd either raced in the morning or skipped the morning and raced only the afternoon.  I ended up 42nd in the morning and 36th (?) in the afternoon (after nearly winning the holeshot)

And now a plug for Ryan's employer (which was recently voted one of the top places to work in the North Metro area!!!)  I think that training plan (Hunter Allen's 12 week intermediate 12-15hr/week on TrainingPeaks) is going to pay off by the end of the season.  It's a little late to start it now (and I probably should have started it a few weeks earlier but I'd give it 3.5 (out of 5).  It'll kick your a$$ if you're not used to consecutive days of intervals (me) and early on I just didn't feel like I had anything left to race on Saturday but I'm aiming to "peak" in December so these early season weekends are just kind of part of the workload.

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