Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunday training ride Doubleheader!

Game (ride) 1: Cross Technique Practice.  Meet at Keith Holart Park in Louisville at 9:00 am.  We'll work on barrier technique, starts, and 10 second efforts for about an hour.

Re-fuel: From the park we'll head to Big Daddy's bagels in Lafayette for a snack and some coffee.  We'll be there from about 10:15-10:50.

Game (ride) 2: Dirty Bismark ride.  Meet at the shop at 11:00.  We'll ride the Dirty Bismark loop at a easy/moderate pace.  Bring a cross or mtn bike, should take about 2 hours.  I'd recommend a little higher pressure than normal in a clincher cross tire as the trail has some nice square edge hits.

Come for the whole event or any part and please invite anyone.
Keith Holart Park at 9 am
Big Daddy's Bagels at 10:15
Foxtrot Wheel and Edge at 11:00

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