Monday, October 3, 2011

Frisco Cross

Kirk Groves and Ciro Zarate both took part in Frisco Cross over the weekend. Kirk raced Saturday and Ciro was out there Saturday and Sunday. Kirk overcame a little bit of an “off” day to place 32nd in the SM4 race. Ciro raced strong to place 8th in the SM3 race on Saturday and took the win on Sunday! Here’s what Kirk had to say about his race.

Ever have one of those days where things are just off? Well yesterday at Frisco CX was one of those days for me.

I arrived early so the kids could play around on their bikes at the new Frisco Bike Park. So far, so good. I registered several hours early and got a low number for the SM4s at 3:05, I'm on a roll! As I was gearing up to do some practice laps I noticed that I apparently I left my kit at home - a sign of things to come. I rushed to the Pearl Izumi store in Silverthorne to buy some cheap shorts and I rode in a t-shirt.

As a result of the low race # I was in the 2nd row, things are turning in my favor. I was well positioned about 3/4 of the way to the first corner until the eventual winner decided to ride over me instead of around me. I slipped back a couple spots while avoiding going down. I held my position the first lap until I downshifted before the 2nd run-up. Crunch, crunch, crunch... what an awful sound -- I shifted the derailleur into my spokes. 7 or 8 riders zipped by while I getting everything back into order. After the run-up I noticed my Garmin was gone - ouch. While tempted to stop racing and search for the Garmin, I continued on.

From that point on I just wasn't feeling it. Instead of holding wheels they were slipping away from me, I'd lose a spot every time up the bike path and so on. I chalked it up to fitness, a competitive field and the altitude. I hadn't enough fun so I decided to lay the bike down on a nice soft 180 corner, no damage, just a chance to eat some dust. Right after seeing 2 to go the eventual winner decided that he wasn't done playing Nascar and decided to bump me again -- I was insulted and lapped, first time I've been lapped this year. He lapped me on a 10'+ wide bike path while climbing, he could have easily taken another line. He's fast and he'll soon be playing bumper cars in the SM3's -- watch out guys. I pulled my sorry carcass through the finish line and called it a great workout. I was 32nd, a good result for me in a race of 80 riders, unfortunately there were only 36.

As I was loading my bike on the car I noticed that my rear wheel was fairly taco'd and stopping after half a turn when I'd try to spin it. That helped me explain some of the 'off-day.' I checked for the Garmin at the PA stand and then searched the course for half an hour while cheering on Ciro -- great performance man! For some reason I decided to swing by the PA stand one more time -- success, someone had turned in the Garmin!

We drove home and I noticed that my kit was actually in the car -- like I said, one of those days. Can't wait until next week!

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