Monday, June 20, 2011

State TT Championship, Peter Schimpf takes the win!

Foxtrot Racing had an excellent showing at the Colorado State Time Trial Championship. Three members took on the challenging 40k course.

  • State Champion SM3: Peter Schimpf

  • 5th SW 35+: Roseanna Neupauer

  • 15th SM4: Jon Maule

Peter's Race Report:
It was near perfect conditions out at the race today, overcast and cool, with just enough of a wind at just the right spot to provide a tailwind about midrace. The new course is a full 40K (25 miles), and only about 650 feet of climbing total. There are some rough, bumpy sections where it was really tough to keep a rhythm and concentration, but I was ready for that having trained on this course a few times. It was great having Jon and Roseanna out there representing the team, and both had really strong times today.

As usual, I had myself all worked up before the race, though I had lower expectations for myself than I did last year when I finished 8th. I'm still overweight, haven't really raced much this year, and those races I did take on left me behind. But I'd trained for this specifically, working on long intervals. I've come to realize that 10 mile time trails like Cherry Creek are not really that good of preparation for a 40K. It's a different kind of effort.

Anyhow, I set out conservatively, but quickly started catching people (7 in total). By the time I hit the turn around (about 12 miles in), a tailwind allowed me to hold about 34 mph while resting. Rather than push it, I just cruised and tried to save as much as possible for the final 8 mile stretch back. With about 5 miles left I upped my effort, and as I saw the finish line I was all out, which at the time I though was a bad thing, because I felt great, could have kept riding, and thought maybe I hadn't gone hard enough. But apparently, I went 6 seconds fast enough.

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