Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: DT Swiss RWS Thru-Bolt, Reviewed by Robert Stanley

Have you ever had a quick release loosen on you when the plastic piece heats up?  Are you tired of the trying to get it just right?  Have you ever questioned the 80 year old technology of that quick release?   If you have DT Swiss hubs there is a fix for you.   The DT Swiss RWS Thru-Bolt solves that problem and adds stiffness as well!  No need for changing your fork as it works with a standard 9mm open drop-out.  There is a 20 gram weight penalty, but the security and performance more than makes up for that.

I could feel the difference right from the start.  Mounting the wheel was very easy as all you have to do is spin the handle clockwise and hold the nut on the other side until it is tight.  No more guessing.  When I hit the downhill there was a notable difference in how well I could hold my line due to less flex in the system.  I am not sure that I could feel the better power transfer that this system should bring to the table, but just thinking it’s there will help.  They do make a road version as well.

  • 7075 Aluminum

  • Red or black decal

  • 9 mm / 100 mm, 10 mm / 135 mm and 150 mm

  • 49g, 63g, 70g

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