Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Rudy Project Rydon, Review by Robert Stanley

For over a 1 ½ years I have been using the Rudy Project Rydon Impact X Photocromic Sunglasses.  Isn’t that 20 years in sunglass life?  I love the fit due to the fully adjustable temple tips.  There is an open feeling between the lenses and my eyes that keeps them clear even when I’m dripping sweat all over my bike.  The reaction time for the lens to transition from blazing direct sun to shade is quick and a vast improvement over normal lenses.  There is no noticeable distortion and I tend to forget that they are on.  The durability of both frame and lens is top notch.  Thankfully I have not had to use the ImpactX feature of the bullet proof lenses, but I have dropped them a few times and the anti-scratch has kept the lenses clear.   These are not superlight weight, but close, I will take a gram or two and the durability of the Rydon.  Rudy Project has a great lens replacement deal no matter what happens to them.  Just send those lenses your nephew used a nail for avant-garde scribbles and $19.95 to get them replaced.

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