Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review: Maxxis Aspen 29 x 2.10 Tires, Reviewed by Robert Stanley

Maxxis has a new low weight, low rolling resistance tire called the Aspen.  This is only a preliminary review as I have only been on the Aspen one time.   I set up the 120 TPI 29”X2.1 Aspen with Stan’s sealant and found that she sealed easily with compressed air and held pressure for over a week so far.  Tire pressure was set at 26 psi front and 28 psi rear.  The tire rolls very well and handled loose dry corners like her brother the CrossMark.  The Aspen did well in light mud even in the corners due to the aggressive side knobs, but I did notice that when the tire picks up some mud or dirt she can slip some when climbing on granite.  Less air in the rear may take care of this issue and on a dry day there would not be a problem.  So far she can handle the rocky trails with no damage to the sidewall and did not feel like a ping pong ball in the rocks.  I am starting to think that this may replace my CrossMarks for most of my XC to ultra racing as she is fit and buffed at 530 grams compared to the 605 grams her bro weighs in at for that 29”X2.1 tire.  I let you know how she does when some more snow melts.

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