Thursday, December 24, 2009

Review: Maxxis ADvantage 2.10 Tires

Reviewed by Brad Sims

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I was looking for a solid all condition race worthy tire that could also handle a good dose of mud. This search led me to the Maxxis ADvantage.  I picked up a pair of 2.10 70a tires and mounted them on my Giant Anthem.  I am currently running them with tubes at 38 psi front and 41 psi rear (I’ll run less pressure when I convert them to tubeless).  I have had a chance to run the tires on a variety of terrain, from rocky hard pack to greasy mud.  The combination of block and paddle style center knobs provide excellent pedaling and braking traction.  The fairly open center/mid tread shed mud quite well and kept the tires biting in wet conditions.  The open tread did result in a slightly slowly tire when you opened it up on flat hard pack but that was expected.  The side knobs are large, tightly spaced, and stiff.  This helps them bite very well into soft ground while providing predictable cornering on hard pack.  Overall I am very pleased with these tires.  During the 2010 season I will likely train and race more technical courses with an ADvantage on the front and a Crossmark (for the decreased rolling resistance) on the rear saving the double ADvantage setup for muddy XC race days.  For those looking for a true mud only tire check out the Maxxis Medusa.

Maxxis ADvantage

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