Friday, December 18, 2009

Review: Avid/Sram Matchmaker

Reviewed by Rob Stanley

Sram Match Maker

With all the gear you can strap to a handlebar nowadays finding room for it all can be a big problem.  Chris Kehoe, an Echelon Spokes & Slopes team member, told me about the Avid/Sram Matchmaker and I picked up a pair.  It allows you to uses one mount for shifters and brakes.  There is plenty of adjustment in the Matchmaker for that perfect preferred placement and frees up one more spot for that computer or light mount.  One added bonus I have learned at the Stone Temple 8 after a crash is that they break.  “Added bonus!” you say?  Well yes, the crash did not destroy my X.O trigger shifter as it would have if I had used the normal mount!  Let’s see, $30 vs. $200+ that is a bonus!  The shifter was fine and I just replaced the Matchmaker.  Pick up a pair and add that gadget you cannot live without, clean up your handlebar, or save your shifter!

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